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Collaborative feature design

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 06/06/2016 21:58:50
 From Maxime:

> The process I would like to experiment is:
>  * Document new features and new contributions in Github issues
> I would like to encourage every new and current contributors to  
> contact the PSC on the mailing list or with a GH issue to announce  
> their intention to work on something. Figuring out things on a PR is  
> too late and increases the chance to get contributions refused,  
> frustrating the contributor and the PSC

This is also a very interesting discussion.
Since it is quite different from the workflow topic from, allow me to  
open a a separate thread for it.

I agree that feature designs should be shared as early as possible.
As Maxime said, this allows us to validate our idea and to get  
suggested solution we didn't think of.
Sometime we will be told "it's been done" or "there is a better way",  
saving us a lot of work.

I have tried sharing early designs through GitHub issues.
Having the early feedback on them is good.
Answering to objections makes the design better and stronger.

But I miss the ability to comment inline, like we do in PRs.
Next time I propose design specs I will try a PR: a new directory with  
the name of the future module, containing a "" file with  
the specs. People should be able to start discussion around specific  
portions of the text, and even propose changes through GitHub GUI.