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Re: Proposal for new workflow, incorporating "Optimistic Merging"

by Jairo Llopis <> - 06/06/2016 12:38:42

2016-06-06 11:38 GMT+02:00 Daniel Reis <>:

The "Optimistic Merging" strategy that can make that possible:
Instead of requesting the contributor to have perfect code,
contributions are quickly merged so that others can improve them ("crowd patching").
This provides a more satisfying experience to contributors,
and provides some "low hanging fruit" for newcomers, such as simple code style fixes.

I don't like the idea.

You would end up with lots of garbage in the beta branch, red crosses everywhere in travis, and code never being ported to stable because "it works".

I like better the way Docker handles this: trying to train newbies and adding a collection of labels that makes them feel they are being taken into account and their PR is progressing:

Training the contributor to write fine results in happier contributors and reviewers.
Training the contributor to write bad code results in more unrewarded work for maintainers.

Jairo Llopis