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Re: New Business Requirement repository [ex-Re: Gap analysis modules]

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 30/05/2016 14:39:07

Thank you Eric.

To put in perspective, the Business Requirements features start as independent entities, and can be used as standalone.
Then we have other modules to integrate them with the business processes: Sales and Project.
So a Quotation can have an estimation supported by a BR analysis, and Project Tasks can be related to the BRs they implement or support.

About separating in a different repo:
- On the plus side, it doesn't strictly depend on "project" modules, and a new repo would reflect that
- On the minus side, I anticipate that the most complex interactions will be with "project" modules, and having build tests along with those modules is safer.

My preference goes to keep them in the same repo, but not a big issue if more people prefer to have them in a separate repo.

Regarding the concerning PSC, here I strongly believe that it should be kept under the current "Project & Service" PSC:
IMO the topic strongly relates to the interests on the people that already care about Project and Service management.

Daniel Reis


Citando Eric Caudal <>:

Hi Everybody,
We have been busy in the last few months working on the concept of business requirements, and a series of modules in order to manage them properly.
We have heavily invested in development and business process and we are now ready to cleanse the current PR.
We have tested them over the last few month and got a stable version (for v8) which is working now nicely in production.
We are talking about multiple modules for which we have restarted a first PR against Project repo (
Check the README for details (

All modules (about 10 today) are ready but before we proceed with the push, I want to reopen the suggestion to have a separate repo as, even if this is linked to project, the universe is quite big and would deserve its own separate repo.

So in short:
1. Would you consider creating a new repository "business-requirement" that we we would prefill with the current modules for v8 and could be the base for new modules or even migration for v9.
2. Does it requires a new PSC?
3. Who would be interested to be part of the team/PSC

\Looking forward to reading you

Eric Caudal [Founder and CEO]
Skype: elico.corp. Phone: + 86 186 2136 1670 (Cell), + 86 21 6211 8017/27/37 (Office)
Elico Shanghai (Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Singapore) Odoo Gold Partner, best Odoo Partner 2014 for APAC
On 09/30/2015 02:23 AM, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Hi Eric

Count us in also. If the gap analysis process with integrated task generation can be at least partly automated it would be a great time saver. Great idea.


On 29 Sep 2015 11:22 pm, "Eric Caudal" <> wrote:

We are revamping the concept of gap analysis that we developed for v6 and v7.
We have restarted from scratch with a similar idea and following direction:
- get rid of aeroo reports
- New API and OCA guidelines for all developments and UT
- Gap Analysis Process starts from the lead
- Business requirements are added to a lead
- Estimates are added to BR
- Cost structure is setup in the lead
- Online quotation can be generated/refreshed from the BR/estimates/cost structure
- Approval of the BR
- Projects tasks can be created from the business requirements when they are approved
- New BR can be added to a new lead and then to an existing project.
- reports and BI included to follow task completion vs BR estimate.
- Modular to allow multiple layers of integration (with CRM/project, with/without amount estimate)

Analysis and first development draft are finished and we plan to propose something to publish during October.
We would like to propose the development to OCA:
- Is there an interest on the subject?
- Where shall we propose the set if relevant?

Thanks for your guidance

Eric Caudal [Founder and CEO]
Skype: elico.corp. Phone: + 86 186 2136 1670 (Cell), + 86 21 6211 8017/27/37 (Office)
Elico Shanghai (Shenzhen/Singapore) Odoo Gold Partner, best Odoo Partner 2014 for APAC

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