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[8.0][OCA/server-tools] web_context_tunnel doesn't update context values

- 24/05/2016 09:45:07
Hello community,

As I was trying to test the web_context_tunnel functionality in OCA's runbot.  I was unable to add a new context argument 'context_test' to the context values like in this description.  It seems the web_context_tunnel module doesn't work anymore in 8.0.

Runbot URL:

context: {'test_field1': 'my_extra_field'}
context_test: {'test_field2': 'my_extra_field'}

Current Behaviour:
context not updated. context is {'test_field1': 'my_extra_field'}

Expected Behaviour:
context updated and output in form view needs to be 
context: {'test_field1': 'my_extra_field','test_field2': 'my_extra_field'}

More info with screenshot:

Let me know if I missed some steps if any.
Awaiting your kind response.

Thanks & Regards,