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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

- 19/05/2016 08:02:00

I have summarized the progress in OCA/connector-ecommerce migration.

Dependency list and status of migration of connector_ecommerce
    - WIP:
    connector [Ported already to 9.0]
    sale_payment_method_automatic_workflow --> sale_automatic_workflow_payment_mode
        - WIP:
        sale_payment_method --> account_payment_mode
            - WIP:
            - Needs review:
    sale_exceptions --> sale_exception(renamed) [Ported already to 9.0]

Let us know your feedbacks.


On Monday 02 May 2016 09:37 PM, Alexis de Lattre wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
As Sebastien Beau already explained in this thread, we worked during the Sorrento code sprint to modularise the code so that the payment method object can be shared between the OCA e-commerce and bank-payment projects in v9 (it was not the case in v8, which was a bit stupid).

In fact, there are 2 important objects in v9 :
1) account.payment.method (defined in the official "account" module) : this is the technical definition of the payment method, company-independant (equivalent of payment.mode.type in v8)
2) account.payment.mode (defined in the OCA module "account_payment_mode") : this object has a company_id field and has a M2O link to account.payment.method (equivalent of payment.mode in v8, which was defined in account_payment).

The module account_payment_partner and account_payment_sale add the account.payment.mode object on customers/suppliers + sale.order + invoice + account.move.line. The field value is copied from customer to sale.order, then from sale.order to invoice, then from invoice to account.move.line (the account mode line with the customer account). All these modules work fine on v9 in this branch : If you find bugs, you can report them to me and I'll fix them. These module are light and only do the minimum that they should do, so it should not be a problem to use them in OCA/e-commerce and other OCA projects. For example, you can use these module without using the OCA/bank-payment modules that bring payment and direct debit orders (module account_payment_order).



2016-05-02 16:08 GMT+02:00 Guewen Baconnier <>:

Very nice!
I'll have a look, thanks all :)

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 3:38 PM, Sebastien Beau <> wrote:
Hi Guewen.
Indeed Alexis have refactored the payment method needed for the bank payment project. I will be great to use the base module. The module is here :

2016-05-02 15:23 GMT+02:00 <>:
Hi Guewen, Stephan,

I've not followed this thread, but you may want to coordinate with Alexis de Lattre who is working on bank payment for v9, and there may be convergences there.


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