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Re: Address field in Odoo9

Camptocamp France SAS, Damien Crier
- 04/05/2016 16:12:11

Already answered in the thread named : "Question about address field in Odoo9" this morning

On Wed, May 4, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Gerhard Hug <> wrote:
Hallo all

I am looking for an advice for the following problem in Odoo9:
In switzerland the adress normally looks like this:
first line name, second line street and number, third line zip and name of the town, forth line country.
In odoo by default on the third line of the adress field the position of the zip is after the name of the town.
So i tried to change this and could easily do this in some views with QWeb but not in all of them.
But the problem is that i could’t find out how to change it in other views and in the header address of the reports, the invoices, pdf prints  and on the contact page of the website.
In this cases tho whole address field must be built by a template or module somewhere in the background (file system?). In QWeb by t-address, show address.
Where can i find this template to change the order of zip and town?

Many thanks for a helpful answer.
Best regards
Gerhard Hug

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