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Re: New Odoo Product Configurator Module

Pledra Netcom, Paul Catinean
- 04/05/2016 10:33:15
I've stated my intention many times over, I am open to re-make the campaign and release the modules open source. Open to discussing terms and collaborate with OCA to do whatever is required to make this happen as long as I am funded. If the campaign succeeds it will be deployed in OCA repositories as AGPLv3 as well as all subsequent updates, changes, migrations etc.

I am willing to put all the work done and updates done in the meantime for the same budget. This revolves mostly around the backend configurator which I will deploy and showcase soon.

Frederik, I have not received anything from your side (just in case there was a technical issue and a message did not go through.)

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 10:23 AM, robert rottermann <> wrote:

Hi there,
I am interested in this module and am ready to contribute both manually and with a donation.
However, the communication left me wondering whether there will be a new effort together with OCA so I was waiting to learn more about this and and have not moved yet ..


On 03.05.2016 08:53, Paul Catinean wrote:
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Hello Frederik,

Firstly thank you for the donation and great support on the campaign!

Of course I am still interested in doing this, feel free to contact me or discuss here anything you have in mind for a second shot at opensourcing. I am also open for Hangout / Skype conversation if you want a live discussion.


On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Paul (and others), thanks for extensively discussing the matters using this mailing list. Probably i didn't got it so far but would you in general still be interested in open sourcing it (given your founding goals could be achieved ?). The reason why i am asking is, that i think we could and shall use the findings from the first try of crowd sourcing it and start a second campaign with improved concept and even better media coverage. Honestly, i am still 100% convinced that the Odoo ecosystem needs this (i.e. your) feature. Proprietary modules are by no means anything that is economically or strategically worth to pursue for any of the players (maybe except Odoo themselves) -> i did some preliminary research backed on figures here. I have several ideas how to do that, but all require that you would at least in principle allow to give it a second try. Kind regards Frederik Am Montag, den 02.05.2016, 10:38 +0000 schrieb Paul Catinean: > Hello all, > > > David: I completely agree with you regarding the closed source model. > It does have all those drawbacks I already expected and tried to > avoid. I am experiencing them already and am not a fan of creating > this overhead. As stated above it would have all been easier with > AGPLv3. > > > Also agreed on starting opensource from scratch but this was a special > case. I built a solution for my customer when I was inexperienced with > a lot of shady code, OCA was not born and it was never intended for > public use. Only when I had the idea of making it general purpose I > tried it as a proof of concept not knowing whether it was possible or > not. I shared the idea with a few developers that seemed uninterested > and decided I will build it for myself for future projects. Then it > evolved into what it is now. It was a passion project as well as a > challenge to be a better coder not to get funding. > > > Arjan: Thank you for the message, do note that you have sent the > message to the community list not my private address. Having Odoo > on-board with this would be great and collaborating with them directly > would have the biggest spread of all. They have not contacted me in > any way since the campaign started nor did they say anything in the > community that I am aware of. David who has provided one of the > greatest social media support during the campaign even was nice enough > to ping Fabien about the project but got no reply. > > > > I could only assume they were not interested in the project. > Nonetheless they are more than welcome to suggest any course of action > and I will approach it open minded as I do with all suggestions / > criticisms. > > > I will keep developing this and make it even more user-friendly and > feature-rich. By the launch of V10 there is a probability that I can a > good chunk my funding from private sales and crowdfund the rest or > release it opensource if the entire budget is covered. > > > Of course everyone who bought it previously will be added as a > founder/contributor and I will design some perks for them for > supporting everything. > > > One last note about what you said "I am a starting Odoo service > provider and did a small contribution to your great project". As a > token of appreciation everyone who contributed to the campaign will > get a discount equal to his contribution even though I never got the > money. They gave a great deal of trust and initiative and deserve > reciprocation. > > > Kind Regards, > Paul > > On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 11:53 AM, AJ Rosman <> wrote: > Hi Paul, > > > I am a starting Odoo service provider and did a small > contribution to your great project. I like to have a low > profile in the community for the moment so I am send you this > directly and not in the community mail. > > > > Is it not a possibility to do the project with Odoo to gather? > Odoo 10 will be about MRP and they always like to show off > there website possibilities, The Odoo users would benefit from > it and you do not need to fund, maintain and marketing it. Of > course I hope you get the credits and paid for all the work > done and need to be done. > A few months before I had a lead who was willing to pay at > least 5.000-10.000 euro for this. We lost the lead because the > configurator was just what he needed and was not there. So in > a few months if Odoo 10 is launched a new campaign could be > effective if the right customers are atttract by odoo10. Now > you know OCA would be helpfull from the start. I certainly > would donate again. > > > Thx for all the efforts you made and I hope to see a new > campaign to make this work > > Kind regards, > > > Arjan Rosman > > > Sales - Owner > > > Mobiel: 06 55820951 > Email: > > > > > > Reggestraat 79 > Tel: 0547 389020 > 7468 EJ Enter > Email: > Nederland > Website: > > > > > > > > > > > > > Op dinsdag 15 maart 2016 heeft Paul Catinean > <
> het volgende geschreven: > > Hello, > > > In the past couple of years Odoo has grown very > powerful and the community along with it. With a > flexible software base like Odoo which expands > everyday I write to you now in hope that as a > community we can shape and grow it even more. > > > As we all know the product template design that Odoo > V8 and V9 relies on has it’s ups and downs and can be > difficult to work with in some cases. Especially when > it comes to product variants in the manufacturing > sector and custom designs. > > > Having dealt with these shortcomings in the past 3 > years I have managed to create Odoo’s first working > Product Configurator. > > > By now it manages to integrate all the tools needed > for anyone to build custom products. Developed and > tested on multiple databases simultaneously, the > Product Configurator can be extended for any type of > business and seamlessly integrates with the Odoo > E-shop. This strengthens the connection between > backend and frontend and makes the entire platform > more powerful and versatile. > > > This major effort has been made in an attempt to > launch the module suite as a generic and flexible > solution for the Odoo platform. With it we can extend > Odoo's reach into a new segment of users drawing in > more projects and developers alike. > > > Initial development of the customer specific version > (that started for custom made flagpoles) spans to > about two years. On top of the customer funded project > another 1000 hours were invested in converting the > module suite from project-specific to a generic and > extensible version. > > > Contact with OCA has been made in regards to this > project and members of the board have expressed their > interest. Our intention is to include the module suite > into the OCA repositories as AGPL V3, free for anyone > to distribute, use and especially contribute. > > > Starting today I have launched an Indiegogo campaign > to fund the time spent converting the module. This has > been made entirely in the interest of applying it to > multiple businesses and sharing it with the community. > I would be very pleased to bring this project to life > and continue this journey with you by my side to > sustain it. > > > Please checkout and share the campaign video that > explains the addressed isues and features offered: >
> > > For further details feel free the visit our brand new > website (Fully developed in Odoo of course) >
> > > Kind Regards, > Paul Catinean > _______________________________________________ > Mailing-List: >
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