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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

Sodexis, Stephane Keller
- 22/04/2016 20:16:53

 | It proved to be useful for us for initial imports scenarios.

Got it.

What do you mean by "define it in sale_automatic_workflow"? You mean that when you select an automatic workflow, it sets the correct payment (method? acquirer?) on the invoice? Not sure to agree: it represents the action to automatize a workflow so you have something more or less automatized so we have like "Full Automatic", "Manual", ..., if you add a payment configuration in it, we'll need nearly one workflow per payment method. And then for each payment method, you'll have associated default values (journal, payment terms, ...), this is what sale_payment_method was for.

How do you plan to map an automatic workflow with a Magento payment method?

I think I understand your concern.  We don't want to select a payment method on the automatic workflow.
So how about this: we create a separate module to define the payment.method object (Name, Journal, Payment Term, Company), we could use the name sale_payment_method if that is not confusing.   Add it to the Sales Order and propagate it to the invoice when the invoice is created.  
This could also be used by the module that will create the payment from the sales order directly.

In turn we can use that module in Sale_automatic_workflow to register the payment from the invoice.

With this the automatic workflow will be matched with the Magento/Prestashop payment method the way it is done now.

What do you think?


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