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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

Guewen Baconnier
- 22/04/2016 10:35:40

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 9:38 PM, Stephan Keller <> wrote:
Hello All,

We started the work on porting Sale_automatic_workflow to v9.  We will create a PR as soon as possible.

@Sebastien I like the idea of using jobs to run, but I think it will take more time to develop and I don't want to delay more, so we will go ahead with the way it is done in  

I understand and that's fine to keep something that works :)



Action that can be automated with the module:

·         SO confirmation

·         invoice creation and validation (one step or do we need 2?).  The system should be able to create multiple invoices as items are being added to the SO.

·         Register payment on the invoice: same way that it is done in Odoo base code (account.payment).  As discussed before in my opinion that is what is mainly needed for the connector-ecommerce module.

·         SO Done

·         Validate picking (if products are available).  I don’t see a need for that, does anybody use that?  We can keep it not a big deal.
It proved to be useful for us for initial imports scenarios.

Each action will have its own filter.  This can be extended of course to allow for the creation of a payment directly from SO if needed (using payment.acquirer or something else).

We don’t plan to port Sale_payment_method to v9.  We will need the payment method object to define the fields needed when the payment is registered from the invoice.  I think it make sense to define it in Sale_automatic_workflow, unless somebody object to that.  We could also defined it in its own module.

What do you mean by "define it in sale_automatic_workflow"? You mean that when you select an automatic workflow, it sets the correct payment (method? acquirer?) on the invoice? Not sure to agree: it represents the action to automatize a workflow so you have something more or less automatized so we have like "Full Automatic", "Manual", ..., if you add a payment configuration in it, we'll need nearly one workflow per payment method. And then for each payment method, you'll have associated default values (journal, payment terms, ...), this is what sale_payment_method was for.

How do you plan to map an automatic workflow with a Magento payment method?