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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

Guewen Baconnier
- 12/04/2016 09:33:45
Stephan, Atchuthan,

Could you start to work on that or is the migration path still too hazy?
If you could, which decision did you finally took for workflows and payments? Is there a branch to review already?

I really the following proposition, I quote you Stephan:

My suggestion at this point would be that the main flow for the automation would be to create an invoice and register a payment on the invoice.  I am assuming that most of the time when doing an order on a shopping cart, the customer pays in full (if not we could still manage that case I think).  So in that case we don't need the payment to be generated on the sales order.   That would have the advantage also to create a payment record, which for the end user is better than just a journal entry.   The creation of a payment on the sales order could still be done of course but in a separate module that is not required by the connector-ecommerce module.  I think this would be faster to port to v9 and easier to maintain.

I favor this proposition which does not preclude more advanced solutions as envisioned by Sébastien, but as you say that could be done in separate modules not required by connector-ecommerce.