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Re: Transfer of Web Team Leader

Holger Brunn
- 07/04/2016 19:46:54
Thanks for the trust Sylvain and Pedro (this is the second time today
you make me blush)!

But the web project is big and has seriously cool stuff to review,
playing a role there fit to the representative costs quite some time I
think. I'd have to cut back on other community activities to do this
properly, which would be a pity in my opinion.

Another point is that I think we should try not to cumulate too many
functions on one person in order to allow other people to step in.

Looking at the list of contributors and comparing it with the list of
OCA representatives, Adrien and Nicolas pop up.

So what do @adrienpeiffer and @njeudy think?

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Holger Brunn - Ontwerp en implementatie