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Re: New Odoo Product Configurator Module

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 21/03/2016 23:00:49
On 21.03.2016 18:23, wrote:
> Hi, the main goal of OdooMRP product configurator modules are to not
> have overhead when dealing with a lot of attributes. Restrictions and so
> on are sketched in a POC, but for sure Paul's one is more advanced. We
> can collaborate for sure, but the problem is the budget for it, as we
> don't have planned that extra cost, and provisioning some of the Paul's
> funding campaign is also not fair. Do you have any idea how can we make it?

So if Paul's campaign would be successful, this would be part of a
common sustainable solution?
And if Paul's campaign would not be successful, it is no useless work,
because it would be nice to have it anyway?

In this case, why not make another indiegogo campaign and refer to
Paul's campaign?
And finally throw in all reputation and marketing support from OCA and
other sources for both campaigns to support their success.

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