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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

Sodexis, Stephane Keller
- 18/03/2016 20:25:20
Nice idea, could it plug with the automated actions in some way? We
can wonder if the automatic workflows couldn't be a simpler interface
for them?
Yes, I thought about that too and that is an option.  I think you still want it to be asynchronous, so we would use the "based on timed condition".  My concern here would be the handling of exception.  If one of the record has a problem, I am not sure if it will be rerun.
Also once processed, you don't want the record to still be part of the original filter, because the system get all the record and then look at the time for each record.  So you don't want the number of records in the filter to grow over time.
The use case was:
 1. A customer takes an order of 230€ on Magento
 2. He pays an amount by credit card, normally the full amount of 230€
 3. The order is imported in Odoo, it creates the payment not with the
amount of the invoice, but with the amount which is captured by the
payment service provider, so if it is different from the total
invoiced, the payment amount is still correct
 4. reconciliation, ...

So the original goal was really to take in account the amount really
paid, not the amount expected to be paid.
I am not sure I understand.  You mean sometimes the service provider capture an amount that is different from the one that is asked for?
Another use case IIRC that is used by Akretion is that they don't
confirm sales order until they have a full payment by check, so they
use sale_quick_payment to generate manually the payments before the
I was wondering where was that register payment button, thanks.
For us, I would say this no longer a needed feature, but we are not
the only ones concerned :)
My suggestion at this point would be that the main flow for the automation would be to create an invoice and register a payment on the invoice.  I am assuming that most of the time when doing an order on a shopping cart, the customer pays in full (if not we could still manage that case I think).  So in that case we don't need the payment to be generated on the sales order.   That would have the advantage also to create a payment record, which for the end user is better than just a journal entry.   The creation of a payment on the sales order could still be done of course but in a separate module that is not required by the connector-ecommerce module.  I think this would be faster to port to v9 and easier to maintain.

It would be great to have Akretion feedback on this, or anybody else that has used this in the past.  
I will send an email to Sebastien.

Thanks and have a great weekend,


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