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Re: connector_ecommerce dependency in v9

Guewen Baconnier
- 18/03/2016 17:20:08
On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 4:38 PM, Stephan Keller <> wrote:
> We are thinking about adding filters on the Automatic workflow definition
> instead of having the filters setup in the code.  One business case for us
> is that we want to create invoice and payment for Sales Order that are in
> the Done state instead of just confirmed.  Easy also to trigger actions on
> custom fields.  We can define default filters for the default case.

Nice idea, could it plug with the automated actions in some way? We
can wonder if the automatic workflows couldn't be a simpler interface
for them?

> Could you give us some feedback about sale_payment_method ?
> Do we need to create the payment on the sales order for the e-commerce
> module? Is there a business case where the sales order is imported and there
> is no need of an invoice?  Once you do that there is a lot of code it seems
> that is needed to reconcile the invoice with payment, etc..
> It would be simpler to follow the workflow that Odoo uses: create invoice
> from Sales order, and then payment from the invoice.
> we can re-use the existing code.  We still would need the payment method
> definition on the Sales Order as it is now.  But we would propagate it to
> the invoice and use it to create the payment from the invoice (or refer to
> the Sales Order I guess).

The use case was:
 1. A customer takes an order of 230€ on Magento
 2. He pays an amount by credit card, normally the full amount of 230€
 3. The order is imported in Odoo, it creates the payment not with the
amount of the invoice, but with the amount which is captured by the
payment service provider, so if it is different from the total
invoiced, the payment amount is still correct
 4. reconciliation, ...

So the original goal was really to take in account the amount really
paid, not the amount expected to be paid. Now, in our last projects
that I know of, we tend to never create the payments with
sale_payment_method but only to import the payment service providers
files and reconcile invoices with them (less move lines).

Another use case IIRC that is used by Akretion is that they don't
confirm sales order until they have a full payment by check, so they
use sale_quick_payment to generate manually the payments before the

I guess it can be handy too for someone who would not use the
accounting features of Odoo.

For us, I would say this no longer a needed feature, but we are not
the only ones concerned :)