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Re: New Odoo Product Configurator Module

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 17/03/2016 20:19:19
Of course an integration/enhancement of OdooMRP would be an optimum

But on the other hand, many parts of OdooMRP are still 7.0, the rest is
8.0. When will/should they be ported? Especially when you think of Odoo
10.0 with a new manufacturing concept?

In this light a solution like this product configurator makes a lot of
sense because it provides a good solution to a badly missed feature in
Odoo e-commerce.
For that money it could be a good way to span a time until version 10
will have widely spread and OdooMRP has evolved accordingly.

But this product configurator must absolutely cover POS also and be
available in very short time also for release 9.0

Just my 2cents

On 16.03.2016 15:38, Levent Karakas wrote:
> Paul, have you checked OdooMRP's product configurator addons?
> (sale_product_variants, sale_product_variants_types,
> product_variants_no_automatic_creation, product_attribute_types,
> product_attribute_types_views, product_attribute_views and so on)
> website_sale part of it doesn't exist (afaik) but it works very nice as
> itself. Completing missing features might be an option for you....

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