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Re: Should we use the new GitHub reactions?

Leonardo Pistone
- 17/03/2016 16:53:07
Thanks for your analysis Pedro!

Not a good fit for our reviews, at least now. For us an approval is
(maybe) the most important message, that needs a clear author,
timestamp, and optional message. The use case there seems more like a
"like" or a "star" which is not the voting system that we need.

I read the post

It is indeed intended reduce noise on popular projects when the make a
release and a million randos say YAY! +1 which is useless.

Maybe it can be useful for us outside voting: maybe Pedro says
something and I like his thinking, I can use the reaction to just say
that without polluting the thread. But I think a vote needs an author,
timestamp and everything.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 5:23 PM,  <> wrote:
> I have been playing with the feature and this is my analysis:
> Pros:
> It can summarize the reviews in one place
> Contras:
> The visibility of the persons that click on the reaction is worst. You have
> to click on the icon to see the involved persons. I have found some PR
> authors clicking in the reaction. This can be confused easily with one
> review. If some author makes the same with a comment, I delete that comment
> as project administrator, and let clean the PR. I can't do the same with
> reactions.
> People can add reactions in every comment, so it can be confusing to see +1
> (or -1) across all the PR comments. Is a different reviewer that got
> confused on where to click? Is the same?
> PSC members or core contributors doesn't receive an email with the +1.
> Although most of the contributors doesn't use this, for me it's vital,
> because I check when I receive a +1 if there are enough approvals to merge.
> As pointed by Holger, you cannot search the PRs with a number of reactions.
> This problem also happens with the other method, but it's mitigated with the
> previous point.
> Reactions don't have timestamp, so you can't follow the time progression of
> the approvals.
> So for now my judge is to not using them for reviewing purposes. It can have
> the same social component as in Facebook, but nothing more.
> Regards.
> 2016-03-17 16:39 GMT+01:00 Holger Brunn <>:
>> > What Holger meant by github reaction is this new feature:
>> >
>> >
>> > To answer Holger's question I think we can use them and commiter can
>> > take them into account. It could help to find quickly which PR is
>> > ready.
>> > We could give it a try.
>> What I mean is that currently, I look at
>> to see what I'm supposed to review and choose whatever looks interesting
>> or important.
>> According to, there's
>> no way to slip in also filtering for reaction count. If this is
>> possible, I'd be all for switching to reactions, then we could have one
>> bookmark 'can be merged' (same as above, but reaction count >= 3) and
>> 'needs more reviews' (same as above, but reaction count
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