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Re: Should we use the new GitHub reactions?

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 17/03/2016 16:05:39
I have been playing with the feature and this is my analysis:
  • Pros:
    • It can summarize the reviews in one place
  • Contras:
    • The visibility of the persons that click on the reaction is worst. You have to click on the icon to see the involved persons. I have found some PR authors clicking in the reaction. This can be confused easily with one review. If some author makes the same with a comment, I delete that comment as project administrator, and let clean the PR. I can't do the same with reactions.
    • People can add reactions in every comment, so it can be confusing to see +1 (or -1) across all the PR comments. Is a different reviewer that got confused on where to click? Is the same?
    • PSC members or core contributors doesn't receive an email with the +1. Although most of the contributors doesn't use this, for me it's vital, because I check when I receive a +1 if there are enough approvals to merge.
    • As pointed by Holger, you cannot search the PRs with a number of reactions. This problem also happens with the other method, but it's mitigated with the previous point.
    • Reactions don't have timestamp, so you can't follow the time progression of the approvals.

So for now my judge is to not using them for reviewing purposes. It can have the same social component as in Facebook, but nothing more.


2016-03-17 16:39 GMT+01:00 Holger Brunn <>:
> What Holger meant by github reaction is this new feature:
> To answer Holger's question I think we can use them and commiter can
> take them into account. It could help to find quickly which PR is
> ready.
> We could give it a try.

What I mean is that currently, I look at
to see what I'm supposed to review and choose whatever looks interesting
or important.
According to, there's
no way to slip in also filtering for reaction count. If this is
possible, I'd be all for switching to reactions, then we could have one
bookmark 'can be merged' (same as above, but reaction count >= 3) and
'needs more reviews' (same as above, but reaction count 

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