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Re: Comparison of OCA modules bom_stock and stock_available_mrp

Camptocamp France SAS, Cyril Gaudin
- 17/03/2016 10:21:37
Hello Lionel,

Thanks for your reply.

I started to merge both modules and fix some little bugs like you can see in PR #135 and PR #136 (needs review)

The "recursive BOM management" only for phantom is currently what we want.
With the new feature in PR #136, we can base the BOM stock on potential quantity of components.
In this case, the BOM stock will also be compute for components, even if the type of bom_line is normal.

Cyril Gaudin.

On 03/16/2016 03:53 PM, Lionel Sausin wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Ideally you should merge both modules.

Both were developed by different people for different purposes. We lacked coordination - that happens, but we should not be content.
I'd really like to see the PSCs involved in this.
If sprints or meetings are arranged, Loïc or myself will do our best to participate. Just bear in mind we have no customer budget to do this, and our R&D resources are very scarce.

As a co-author of stock_available_mrp here's what I can add:
I don't know bom-stock but I think it could contain the main logic, and stock_available_mrp could reuse it.
I think stock_available_mrp has decent test coverage which should be a reasonable safeguard.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Multiple units on a same components is not managed" in stock_available_mrp, but if you care to file a bug report with a test case we'll do our best to consider it in v8.

stock_available_mrp only does "Recursive BOM management" for phantom BoMs, so for your purpose syou should consider it "not implemented".
I would not encourage implementing it if you don't implement "manufacturing delays management" also.

Lionel Sausin.

Le 15/03/2016 10:52, Cyril Gaudin - Camptocamp a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
For my current project, we need a module that computes the quantity of a product that can be manufactured with the components immediately at hand (based on BOM).

After looking in OCA, we found two modules:

Here is my evaluation of these modules:

stock_available_mrp (stock-logistics-warehouse) :
  • Compute BOM quantity and add this quantity to "Available to promise" (from stock_available module)
  • Displayed in list and form views, therefore they may be performances issues with complex BOM.
  • Multiple units on a same components is not managed.
  • Recursive BOM management.
  • No manufacturing delays management.

bom_stock (product-kitting):

  • Compute BOM quantity, which is displayed in Inventory tab on product page (no performance issue)
  • This quantity can be based on real / virtual / immediately available component quantity (can be changed in company settings)
  • Multiple units management
  • No recursive BOM management
  • No manufacturing delays management.

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