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Re: Quarantine period on products

- 14/03/2016 23:55:11
Yes, and I see one disadvantage with that approach and is that not all the pallets have the same quarantine time, and not depends on the product "per se" but on the production line.

For example, product A needs 4 quarantine days, but if they need to change the ribbon package during a specific pallet production, that specific pallet going to need 5 quarantine days because there is a big chance during ribbon change a micro fissure was created and the milk could ferment faster.

How do you implement that with push/pull rules?

On 14/03/16 15:23, Moises Lopez wrote:
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Do you try pull and push rule?

2016-03-14 14:53 GMT-06:00 Agustín Cruz <>:
Hello community,

we are discussing with a possible customer the implementation of Odoo 
for manage his warehouse. The customer business is milk packing and 
after the package process they need to hold produced lots in quarantine 
for a couple of days. The quarantine periods could change between 4 or 5 
days according with quality department.

The amount of packed milk, around 5,000 lits per day, makes very 
difficult to have a separated quarantine warehouse so we were thinking 
on setup a module that allow block/hold production lots based on some rules.

Is there any module available that implements a feature similar like 
this one?

Thanks in advance!

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