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Re: Recurring donations generation

- 10/02/2016 22:01:41
Le 10/02/2016 21:37, Alexis de Lattre a écrit :
> I think the right solution would be the following :
> - add 2 fields on recurring donations :
>   . selection field "Frequency" that would propose 
> Monthly/Quertly/Bi-annual/Annual
>   . date field "next recurring donation date"
> - hide the menu entry "Generate recurring donations"
> - add an ir.cron that execute the "generate recurring donations" 
> wizard every day : it would loop on active recurring donations and, if 
> "next recurring donation date" = today, it would duplicate it and then 
> write the "Next recurring donation date" according to the Frequency
> I think it would be very easy to develop.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

I'll develop the extra features I need and I'll make a merge proposal 
when it's done.