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What could be the best rules to implement to deal with a shop (POS) and multples locations

Mind and Go, Florent THOMAS
- 15/01/2016 01:01:39


I have some customers that are dealing with a POS and will have to make their inventories. The best way to implement inventories is to use  with many...many locations because each of them is designed to have a rack/row/case.

If we work like this, this will be good for warehouse management, everything will be easier. Yet we won't configure POS to pick in each of the locations of the stock.

So what could be the strategy, I was expecting to supply the POS from WH/Stock and then create some rules for supplying Wh/Stock from WH/Stock/Rack1, WH/Stock/Rack2, etc...

Any advice wourl be appreciated,


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