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Do you know any easy module to start with?

by Yajo <> - 10/01/2016 10:14:44
Hello dear all.

One client of mine is asking me to train them in Odoo development.

I'd like to use any OCA module as a starting point, and I want to publish the results as OCA modules. These would be the "chapters" of the course:
  • 1. Create a backend module.
    • Do you miss a module?
  • 2. Port a module from old to new api.
    • Any candidate? If the module is only available for 7.0, better.
  • 3. Create a website snippet.
    • Is there any snippet you are missing?
  • 4. Port a module to 9.0. (I'm not sure if I want to do this, read below).
    • Any candidate?

This way, the training will include old api, new api, porting, maybe a migration, GitHub usage, and the results will be published to OCA as a PR.

I think that if OCA maintained a list of "easy bugs for beginners", this would be easier.

It is a requirement that the modules are reasonably simple (it's for training), but useful. Also, the target version would probably be 8.0 because nowadays l10n-spain is not 9.0-ready (that's why I'm not sure about chapter 4).

If you know the answer to any of above questions, it's your time to get work done for free!