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The removal of the core maintainers team

Opener B.V., Stefan Rijnhart
- 06/01/2016 10:03:09

I was very much disappointed (and surprised, but that was my fault for
not closely reading the OCA newsletter) to see that the Core Maintainers
Team on Github was removed a couple of days ago.

This was a team of broadly oriented and highly qualified developers,
committed to the goals and standards of the OCA, that could perform
merges and manage labels (PR statuses) on all OCA projects. I enjoyed
being part of that team because it allowed me to do the whole review
trajectory from setting the target branch on someone's PR to performing
the merge after the required number of approvals was acquired.

We discussed this in the community recently here:
The concensus was that PSC reviews were not mandatory, implying that the
core maintainers group was functioning well. And now the board goes and
overrules a community discussion. IMHO the OCA should strive to a
*larger core maintainers team* instead of trying to micromanage each
project with one or two contributors. During my time at the board I have
always resisted the tendency of the board to put up their bureaucracy
and hierarchical structures but there you go.

Just one example: there is this guy, he is the only person in
l10n-romania. He made some requests on Twitter so I came over and helped
out a little bit
(, but
I don't really want to be in their team. Who is there to merge? There is
only the board who can do that then. So here the OCA are moving part of
the real need for this team from the broader community (even if it is
only 10 developers some of which are actually in the board) back to the
shoulders of the board. That is not why they were elected. And again, I
(and not only me) work in the whole broad field of Odoo be it banking,
POS, HR, framework, web client, website, warehousing or whatever. If you
put me on all those teams, you make me co-responsible for whatever is
going on in all those projects but that is just not realistic.

I would therefore plead for the return of the core maintainers team.