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Re: 9.0 Community User Interface

KMEE Informatica ltda, Luis F Miléo
- 24/11/2015 03:38:38
Hi Nhomar,

I'ts not a issue, it's worsening user experience with respect to version 9.0 compared to 8.0

For example the picture above is a instance with sale, purchase, project, hr and some website modules.

<img src="cid:f63a1d0ab719a984ffceb33b2395f24aff886f34@zimbra" data-mce-src="cid:f63a1d0ab719a984ffceb33b2395f24aff886f34@zimbra">

Compared to v8 we have a big increase of top menus and blue link of "Dashboard" (for eg:

can not be distinguished of "Sales" label.

Is there a community interest in improving usability problems such as these? Make odoo version community responsive?

In the last days i see some private initiatives ( FireShot and demo:demo)

Best regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
Gerência de Implementação
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Hello Luis.

Can you point the issue in github with your specific experience?

I feel like a generic answer can not be given if we do not use the proper place, I am agreed with you in "generic" terms, but to help you as community you must be as precise as you can in order to set the proper answer case by case.

I hope it helps .


On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 9:23 PM, Luis Felipe Miléo <> wrote:

I was doing a quick testing in Odoo Communiy today. And I got unhappy with the user experience, highlight a few items:

- Number of menu entries; eg: Project and Timesheet menus, In Marketing we have so many that i can' count.
- Root menu links: Blue link are so condensed with each other;

Can we expect some improvements from Odoo SA?
The community has discussed the matter?
Can we do a crowdfunding?
What you think about it?

Best Regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
Gerência de Implementação
+55 21 4063-8872 (RJ)
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