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Re: Odoo Imports as CSV List

- 23/11/2015 16:46:54

Cool, thanks for the hint, I'm heading for a buildroot 100mb Odoo docker. So I need a more detailed analysis of dependencies, requirements is probably not enough, nor is this list, it seems. I get an import error on urllib2 for Httpshandler on the intent to build pip for convenience into the system, although Python has been build with ssl :-/

Thanks for the alternative, however snake food was recommended on server all sites as it uses the ast and therefore almost (!) never fails.

Best, David

Moises Lopez <> schrieb am So., 22. Nov. 2015 um 23:08:
This file is for...?

FYI You can get the same info with a rgrep command:

Basic e.g.
rgrep R -n "import " ./odoo/ --include=*.py >deps

But if you want get all depends packages see:


2015-11-22 21:53 GMT-05:00 David Arnold <>:
To whom it might concern,

please find attached a csv file with all odoo library imports with their respective occurences.

Obtained by:
sfood-imports /odoo
and some regex transformation.

Best Regards, 

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