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v9 migration

- 23/11/2015 14:56:47
Hello contributors,

I see the community doc here:

I was wondering. In the case a repo stabilized lately on v8.0, wouldn't it be better to first merge the 8.0 branch into 9.0 before starting the process?

The advantage I see is: it will make the diff readable in in the Github interface. While if the PR comes with the 9.0 commits along with the lat 8.0 history, the reviewer cannot exploit the diff and he is forced to analyse commit by commit.

It allows to also synch the and list of modules though that could be done in a manual commit.

What do you think? Can the PSC not do that 8.0 merge into 9.0 just like at the 9.0 branch creating before starting the 9.0 migration process?