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Request for OCA/social

Tecnativa. S. L., Rafael Blasco
- 21/11/2015 14:50:05
Hi all,

I would like to request be member PSC of

I'm already managing everything which concern Marketing, CRM and this is
related to messaging in general.

I'm in care of lots of problems with Odoo in Social matter, templates,
sending, receiving, email treatment.

You could check our modules and PR. We are doing here a big effort in this

[See Attachments] Please special care in mail_mandrill it's really easy to
configure for testing and Mandrill is free until 12k e-mails per month. We
catch all events from mandrill to have this info in Odoo.

Also check mail_statistics_extras

What we are going to do next:

- Fix:
   - proposed discussion: