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Re: Postgres Optimisation

Matmoz D.O.O., Matjaž Mozetič
- 20/11/2015 13:59:34

What's the flaming useful for? Somebody proposes an open discussion. If somebody else doesn't want to discuss...  Don't.

On Nov 20, 2015 1:53 PM, "Houssine BAKKALI" <> wrote:
"Hire an expert does not solve the problem of those who want to learn to do things by themselves,"

take a training then

2015-11-20 13:37 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 3:07 PM, Leonardo Pistone <> wrote:
- I think rewriting all the documentation of postgresql, going through every feature and option, for odoo is the wrong approach.

No it is not the wrong approach but it could be a great addition for people who want to start working with odoo at all. You don't need at all the whole postgre knowledge to run odoo but you need to know how probably to improve some parts of odoo, where postgres is playing a role in.
The original documentation of postgresql is the best place, and it is excellent.

If the original documentation which not even mentions odoo would be such excellent and understandable, peolpe would not have made such a request here at oodo. Simply stop blocking those initiatives which perhaps will even help a complete newbie with odoo or postgres to understand things easily. Instead help to let people know how things are working with postgres and explain them in detail and with lots of images and examples how it does this and that and perhaps even compare it with mysql or mariadb's new complete encrypted way. While you explain that you will Always use ODOO examples and this will drive even developers and people who have never before heard of Odoo towards an application they will start liking more and more. Even they were not specifically looking at it. Those Odoo specific Tutorials concerning Postgres and perhaps also some other additional applications will drive more and more people towards odoo and this will not help when you always write down here that people look at postgres look at whatever app which is not postgres but wich is essentially needed to get postgres running at all.

Simply try to move in the position of these people and try to understand their request for this additional documentation and help them to find their way!
- check out Olivier Dony's talk for advice specific to Odoo

Where can we find that talk - please add a link! - Nothing more I was asking - when you write on a mailinglist provide "look here , look that talk, check out google etc" without the links for those who simply can't find them, your comment is nothing else than worthless even for people who are searching via google for a solution for their problems. It is the same with people who you provide help and help and again help and ideas and than finally your read. "Thanks it is running now" and that's it. Most not even provide others the help they just received and simply summarize what their solution for their problem was.

When you think that everybody can find that links you are completely wrong! Some developers have not such English or Spanish or French proficiency and can't find things they have probably written wrong in their search terms. 

i.e. you get project which requires you to integrate the Thai chart of accounts in their newest version. Try to find them!

You will get i.e.
well this will drive people to Front accounting and does not solve the problem for odoo.

wow great you will find that here which has been programmed here in Phuket by somebody who suddenly died and meanwhile this software does not even get anymore maintained. will it help you - simple answer NO.

But if you are lucky you will find someone who can tell you where on yor keyboard you will find the Thai letters ;-)

By the way P̄hạng bạỵchī will lead you to lots of links from vietnam ;-) - This is what google is translating "chart of accounts"

Making it short you have a great chance to fail like those who are trying to learn more about what postgres is doing for odoo and who don't like to figure out if this or that is even needed for odoo.

- with recent postgresql start with defaults (+ Olivier's advice) - there isn't a "perfect" copy-paste configuration of Odoo. If you have performance problems, copy-paste won't help,

Copy paste helps a lot of people who learn what they are doing and who want to understand how things are done. "Help to do it by myself" Principle which provides the students a well prepared surrounding where they even are allowed to do mistakes without greater harm.
but instead you need some analysis, checking your blocked and long queries, indexes, 'explain analyze' and so on.

Learning by example is the best way to start analyzing and reflecting its own habits and way to do things. This is also valid when you do programming.
This knowledge is not at all odoo-specific: you can study the postgresql documentation, hire an expert, or both. - No, I do not mean "hire me".

Hire an expert does not solve the problem of those who want to learn to do things by themselves, 

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