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Re: Postgres Optimisation

Leonardo Pistone
- 20/11/2015 08:53:38
On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 6:23 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
> If you have such a request simply point the people to the correct place so they can find these things immediately and the discussion will stop itself.

Please, stop accusing people of things that are not true. Nhomar gave
a precise answer, twice, which included, among other things, the
official postgresql documentation. It is found in Moreover, Graeme and Ray gave
extensive answers, too, and the already mentioned talk by Olivier Dony
is very good.

I share Nhomar and Graeme's point.

- I think rewriting all the documentation of postgresql, going through
every feature and option, for odoo is the wrong approach. The original
documentation of postgresql is the best place, and it is excellent.
- check out Olivier Dony's talk for advice specific to Odoo
- with recent postgresql start with defaults (+ Olivier's advice)
- there isn't a "perfect" copy-paste configuration of Odoo. If you
have performance problems, copy-paste won't help, but instead you need
some analysis, checking your blocked and long queries, indexes,
'explain analyze' and so on. This knowledge is not at all
odoo-specific: you can study the postgresql documentation, hire an
expert, or both.
- No, I do not mean "hire me".