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Re: Postgres Optimisation

- 19/11/2015 13:20:07

Some ideas of how to share your knowledge:

If you have noteworthy (advanced!) resources, you can point me to, that's equally very welcome. Kind of treating with filesystem performance as this is a quite sensitive and IMHO under discussed topic when working with Postgres in docker's layered filesystem. The new docker volume api is probably our friend. Need for a plugin for the right way to attach DB persistence to an instance?

Also "typical" query optimisator estimates would be useful. We all know, which are the table candidates for a typical Odoo. Or maybe share your experience if you have some.

Another question is, how do we speed up the new reporting engine. Wrap the reporting SQL queries into, something like:
SET LOCAL work_mem 500MB
RESET work_mem
And aggregate a config option to Odoo to dynamically control the 500MB, as not to perjudicate hardware choices.

Just some ideas on how to join this discussion and share your knowledge.

Best Regards, David

David Arnold <> schrieb am Do., 19. Nov. 2015 um 08:59:
As we move on to descriptive deployment practices, there is a point in best practices or "checklisting-encoded" information to raise general practices in this community and help people get started.

The discussion about docker deployments is far from being exhausted. If someone comes up with a real psql deployment ready and well documented docker. This is something very useful.

Don't limit your imagination too much ;-)
Graeme Gellatly <> schrieb am Do., 19. Nov. 2015 um 06:23:

I think Nhomar's point was there is really nothing new here. Postgres is simple, there are no great secrets and lots of great freely available info,  but you need to test with your actual load and deployment configuration.

There is nothing Odoo specific and since 9.3 not even really any compulsory kernel tuning.    It is a pretty pointless topic.  If you know postgres administration there is nothing new to learn for Odoo, if you don't well then there are far better resources than Odoo mailing lists.

On Thu, 19 Nov 2015 10:08 PM Andreas Becker <> wrote:
Well you could share your knowhow too Nhomar as it looks like if you had already some training and have some knowhow in that subject.

"Hiring a professional" does it mean hiring you?

IMHO David will find lots of people who are interested in that subject and as odoo depends on it it also belongs here and can be discussed in a odoo context. Many professional Trainiers of Postgres often would do very good to hire also a professional Odoo trainer first ;-)

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 3:38 PM, P.V.Anthony <> wrote:
On 11/19/2015 04:23 PM, Andreas Becker wrote:
> Thanks for posting that David

Same here. Thank you for sharing.


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