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Re: Postgres Optimisation

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 19/11/2015 09:14:26

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 11:53 PM, David Arnold <> wrote:
Knowledge about PostgreSQL Configuration and Deployment is mostly privately held or simply very scars in the ecosystem. Many of us go probably with the defaults in their daily operations. This however is probably perceived as an uncomfortable black box and one would wish to have more knowledge dispersal in the odoo world to raise the overall deployment quality and establish best practices.

I think you are starting "again" a subjective point.

If something is very well documented is postgres itself, but you need to look in the correct place.

IMHO, to avoid such perceptions you should start from the begining (it is the same for almost every single open or closed source app you try to administer proffessionally).

1.- AutoTrain yourself (read books, manuals and so on).
2.- Buy some trainings from real experts certified on such tool (enterprisedb is the place to look for that in postgres).
3.- Try and re-try some of the learned knowledge making real measured tests environments.
4.- Make your notes and share them if you want, or simply try to move forward to another tool in your personal set of knowledge.

But "please" stop make FUD with statements that generate unconfortable responses (at least for people like me) which simply start from statements that are clearly a lie.

1.- Clearly generalize that everybody have you level of commitment is wrong, then if somebody think PSQL is a black box, then frequently the real reason is because he/she didn't look in the right place.

Then, I like the set of options you shared, but I recommend try to understand element by element with a proffesional reading in the formal documentation of postgres and trying to hire a real proffesional.


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