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Re: Should OCA unify all snippets in one module (i.e. website_snippets_extra), or make one for each one?

- 12/11/2015 13:05:23
Don't do it in one single module, especially don't do it as LGPL module!

Build snippets each one by one and keep all of them AGPL v.3 as this will lateron probably safe your workplace.

i agree with rvalyi totally:

Yes it will be a dead end!

He wrote:
I agree with @pedrobaeza.
Also I strongly advise against using Odoo for web dev because I bet it will be a dead end or at least something you will not be able to capitalize on, but that's only my own opinion here. Sustainable alternatives are coming stay tuned.

The benefit of having them in single snippets is also that you can easily activate them from the backend like you need them.
but it would be probably a good idea to have some kind of naming conventions for those snippets.

Putting them all in one module and even worse releasing them as LGPL would be like filling up a car full with gasohol  installing the best radio in it and the nicest seats etc so you feel comfortable and than handing the carkey out directly to the car thieve.

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On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 6:53 PM, Rafael Blasco <> wrote:

Hi all,


Please comment what do you think about this:


I agree :+1 ass Odoo make with themes with only one theme_common where all snippets are stored.






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