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Docker :: Distributed Deployment Wheelhouse

- 10/11/2015 21:28:45

I wanted to share with you a pattern for rather easily achieving a distributed deployment wheelhouse on your distributed CI runners on your docker infrastructure with the purpose of saving bandwidth and pushing speed.

Step 1: Make a pre-build Dockerfile which prepares wheels and other stuff such as odoo.zips and webserver binaries.

Step 2: on docker run copy those to a bindmounted shared volume

Step 3: run a uhttp (ej. fnichol/uhttpd) with volumes_from

Step 4: access your ephemeral, but cached (by docker build stack), webserver from your other dockers via the host gateway and the exposed port [ej. $(ip route get | grep -Eo 'via \S+' | awk '{print $2}')]

Enjoy the speed up, even more so on slow network connection (or just save on your bandwith)

Best David