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Re: tagging OCB branches

Holger Brunn
- 28/10/2015 17:01:47
> Yes I agree. I'll work on this next week (tagging + moving the merge process
> on an OCA server), unless someone steps in first. --

about the merge process: If we want to continue using the account oca-git-bot, 
I'll have to add the public ssh key to this github account.

Then just run nightly and have it mail its output to everyone interested. Maybe use 
a mail group for this on the OCA instance?

In our setup, we also have a file with content
to have the repo live there and not in /tmp.

Then whoever picks up a conflict should document it here:

We might also use the wiki as a mutex to avoid double work if nobody has a 
better idea.

Please tell me when it's up and running so that I can deactivate our cronjob.

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