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Re: Multi Tenant Self Hosted Enviroments

- 20/05/2023 20:34:57
Sorry for the extra noise, but I should have looked at the cloudpepper
solution a little closer before responding.   CPs approach is to
manage multiple server instances on disparate cloud providers, I am
looking to consolidate the functionality to a single cluster of
servers and not deploy a unique server per client.   I could do a lot
of the same type of functionality by making use of Terraform providers
and ansible or alternatively make use of multiple Docker containers,
but a lot of the core functionality that I am looking for already
exists within Odoo.   I'm just trying to find out if somebody else has
already harnessed it to perform multiple tenant deployments within the
same Odoo instance.

Thank you,

On Sat, May 20, 2023 at 2:21 PM Charles Gucker <> wrote:


> Let me respond inline.


> On Sat, May 20, 2023 at 2:02 PM Sven from Cloudpepper

> <> wrote:

> >

> > Hi Charles,

> >

> >

> > Perhaps you can give our services a try?

> > You can host as many Odoo instances (Community and Enterprise) on a server as you want, all automated.

> > Also gives you test environments, GitHub deployment and automated backups.

> > It also has the OCA marketplace built-in, so you can easily activate any OCA module on an instance.


> Yes, this is in short what I want to be able to provide to my clients,

> but directly as in self-hosted.   Glad to see that somebody has done

> it.


> > We can also give clients access to your own branded dashboard so they can see and manage their instances (ie. see the logs, restart, create a backup, etc.)


> Would love to better understand the approach your company took to

> achieve the multi-tenant design of Odoo.   Just to be clear, I would

> not be making any offers to the general public, unless tied to a brick

> and mortar offering.


> Charles