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eCommerce checkout runs out of workers and Odoo dies

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 09/05/2023 19:38:19

We stumbled into an Odoo problem, when trying to complete several eCommerce checkouts at the same time, with a low number of workers available. For example: you have two workers, and you have two or more shoppers completing their payment at the exact same time.

We traced this to the report generation happening when closing a Sales Order, and found this relevant Issue:

Long story short -
running the reports triggers Odoo requests to get the HTML assets needed,
these triggers the need for more workers to serve the assets,
but no more workers are available and the Odoo server dies (with an "existing gracefully" message and no further explanation!).

The recommended solution from Odoo is to have the assets cached at the Nginx level, both for static files and for the asset bundles.
In this case this is a K8's deployment and we're using Ingress instead of Nginx, and are working through the particular configuration needed to achieve this effect.

I found it could be interesting to share this, and maybe get other points of view or reports from other people having faced the same problem.

Thank you


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