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Re: Datev data

Nils Coenen
- 03/05/2023 14:59:38

Many thanks Holger Brunn for linking the appropriate PR´s. I´ll have a closer look.


@Thomas Pot: i would appreciate sharing your experience. Even if i am not involved in the dev of the mentioned modules yet…

I think we can only benefit from it.

BTW: I am facing this issue now on v16.


I´ll give it a try modifying the odoo functions manually and see, what kind of problems will occur.

It sounds like, that a corresponding module would be of interest to many users?! 


All the best



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Betreff: Re: Datev data


Hello All,


We encountered also several issue's in the DATEV export function in Odoo EE. because of the urgent matters at that point we decided to override the default functions in Odoo.

We reported our issue's to Odoo but as far as I know, there are no actions taken for some.

It also depends on the used version; v15 is different from V13. (and already better)


But we would be happy to share our experience with the community? 



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