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Datev data

Nils Coenen
- 03/05/2023 12:21:48

Dear OCA,

i got an issue from a customer, that uses a very specific accounting chart in germany.

As they want to perform the accounting on their own before sending it to the acc. Consultant, some adaption seem to be mandatory.

In order to create smooth convertability between the datev-export provided by odoo and the import in the system of t he accounting consultant, the data needs to be modified. So this is the feedback i got from the consultant about the export data.


  • The code number for the account number extension (KNE) needs to start with digit number 4 instead of a 8 digit number. This is not a problem and provided by the Odoo enterprise core export tool.

  • Exported CSV-files needs to be encoded in Windows ANSI

  • Debit/credit indicators are only allowed in capital letters "S" or "H". The standard Odoo export provides small letters

  • EXTF Version 700 instead of 510 is important when recording with empty and modified headings in the header


The export is provided by the modules „l10n_de_datev_reports“ & „l10n_de_reports“

The encoding can be changed after exporting, same for the capital letters. But to keep it as simple as possible for the customer, it would be great to have this included in the export function. Covering the other way as well would be awesome.


Is anbody aware of a solution, that already provides this kind of modification?


Would be very thankful for some hints concering that topic.


All the best



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