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OCA Command Line Interface

- 22/10/2015 16:34:29

due to recent vivid discussions in the contributors mailing list, I have independently started work on a oca command line interface.

It shall cover everything to get you started with hacking odoo on you local machine. Deployment to servers and production instances is not yet of a concern, as there is little chance to have some consensus on a standard way at this point. Furthermore, this is probably not what is most needed.

Basically, what you find in the repo is a raw copy/port of the go command. Once set up your go environment (, you can fetch and compile it with just one single command "go install". Then you can play around typing the "vodoo" command. It will work out of the box on mac windows and linux.

It is currently in an open design phase, and I'd like to gather your input.

Action Path:
I do not want to repeat the common error to come up with a complete solution developed in an isolated silo accessing only limited knowledge and disregarding other's use case and ideas.

This is, why I would like you to take part in the definition, what such a tool should do, and also what it should not do. Please just make a PR on the README (which lays out the plan) so we can discuss ideas in an isolated manner.
Please refer to contributing for how to take part in this in just 3 clicks:

Once there is considerable consensus and prioritization, I would start porting one by one. Anyone who want to take part in this adventure and learn exiting new stuff about the sweat spots of a modern programming language like go, please step out. This is even more fun, when done together and sharing the learning curve!

Thanks a lot and best regards!

David Arnold