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Re: Recommended Contributor Tooling (RCT)

- 21/10/2015 18:34:01
Hey Raphael,

I'm not blatantly contradicting docker-compose. I think you misunderstood this. I understand, that you probably missed out some parts of our discussion. That's possible.

I was suggesting something, that you tag "totally unrealistic". This "totally unrealistic" is adopted and reality in the docker dev stack. I haven't looked into detail, but I have proof that it works.

I think denying proofs is not a good thing to do. Besides that the there might exists levels of collaborative culture, where such proof would not even be necessary.

Best Regards, David

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold

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2015-10-21 11:23 GMT-05:00 Raphaël Valyi <>:

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 10:22 PM, Florent Aide <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'll answer some point below.

2015-10-20 22:08 GMT+02:00 Raphaël Valyi <>:


> So I feel like you are discovering the topic and trying to impose your views without knowing your subject...
> We are not trying to tell the OCA to adopt Voodoo at all or our side (but we are not against), we are just telling the OCA should not submit > itself to pressures from lobbies to impose their own tooling, before even they exist or get any adoption. I think the OCA should consolidate the best practice as acknowledged by its prominent members, it should not try to impose dogms from projects that don't even have any adoption yet.

Should I understand our docker build is the subject of this remark?

Hello Florent,

I was only answering here to David Arnold because he was first rejecting Docker Compose to orchestrate the PG and Odoo images at least on a dev machine (like we do in Voodoo) while at the same time he would suggest solutions totally unrealistic such as embedding a Docker Compose container inside a Docker container, meaning running into all the data corruption issues of the Docker in Docker hack.

I never critized your work or even the work of Eric, I just mentionned ours is different and there are so many different approach to this topic that unless you run into blattant contradiction ad David did many options are valid and I don't want to the the OCA impose arbitrary decisions on such moving targets.


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