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Re: OCA Dev & Deploy Tooling PSC

Leonardo Pistone
- 21/10/2015 17:41:04
On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 5:07 PM, David Arnold <> wrote:
> Nhomar, please try to correct your statement in the light of my last mail.

David, please do not take this personally. Nhomar and Pedro have every
right to disapprove, and I am with them on this.

To be clear, let me explain what I would personally love from a contributor


- Please please please, do a lot code review. There are hundreds of
open pull requests. If you're a developer, you can find bugs and
issues in the code. If you are a functional expert, use runbot to test
the functionality, find bugs and other issues.
- if you are a developer, make pull requests that do specific
improvements: modules, fixes, extensions.
- *after* you did plenty of the above, *then* you can have plenty of
good ideas on how to improve things. Propositions are welcome!
- hang out on IRC and help people that ask questions


- if you open an issue, just open it, do not ping all the community in
multiple, long messages. example: If you
report problems in windows line endings, do yourself the job of
finding out which files actually have the problem: turns out  I had to
do the job (there were only 3 in the pypdf library).
- Do not post for every fashionable technology that people talk about
without actually using the current one. For example: 1. if you do not
use IRC, don't propose replacing it. 2. If you don't use buildout, do
not hijack the thread to say that it would be cooler to use docker