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Re: anybox buildout recipe and OCA

Opener B.V., Stefan Rijnhart
- 20/10/2015 10:05:26
On 20-10-15 09:38, Mignon, Laurent wrote:
> As a buildout user (and a contributor to anybox.recipe...) I share the
> same view as Raphaël and Alexandre. IMO, at some times in this
> discussion, 2 concepts are mixed: build and deployment. I see bulldout
> as a build system and docker as a way to deploy Odoo. We use buildout
> in all our projects. As buildout is a way to 'build/assemble' our Odoo
> instances in a repeatable way, we are free to deploy these in any
> infrastructure according to our customer requirements (lxc, docker,
> virtualenv on a dedicated server, ..).  Thank you to George and all
> the anybox team to share this tool with OCA!
> My 2¢

Same here. Buildout is essential for how I work. I have contributed
before and I will do so again if necessary.


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