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Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle
- 20/10/2015 08:28:40

I'm -1 for moving the existing IRC chats to gitter, as this would risk killing the existing work we are doing on IRC, by destroying the small community we have slowly build there over several years. It is not perfect but right now it is working.

I've seen the gitter for odoo you've been pushing in favor of #openobject and IRC and I'm really not convinced: the interface is yet another tab in my browser, I have to give personal information to someone I don't know. And the discussions are not really there yet. Sure the chan is not perfect either, but people working on FLOSS projects expect a chan on freenode. As a consequence the chan *will* exist, no matter what you do, and the last thing I want is something ressembling a split. The second last thing I don't want is having to split my effort, so I'd rather spend some energy bringing more people to join our IRC group than convincing the people already there to move elsewhere. That's way too disruptive.

This being said, in my opinion, each project steering comittee is free to choose its own means of communication, and I'm not going to impose anything on that matter, and it is going to be the PSCs' call.


2015-10-19 8:53 GMT+02:00 Guewen Baconnier <>:
Yes we have rooms for connector and connector-magento and they are totally unused. Not a success actually.

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On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 9:38 PM, David Arnold <> wrote:
Look, who uses it already:

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 14:29, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
I refer to the setup costs of IRC (time, error layers, configuration), but also to the less tight integration...

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 14:28, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
True so! Wouldn't it be pan option to let meta discussion converge in the maintainers-repo chat room? Like this, chat one the individual repos can greatly improve in focus and we can realize kind of lightweight code sprints efficiently. That would be so cool... 

Kind of: "Hey dude, are you available? Let's meed in gitter on repo x and get this PR done quickly. I'm available during the next 4 hours. What do you think?"

Or: "Hey buddy, join the gitter channel, and I'll help you quickly to improve your Issue documentation."

This is not something I see to be that convenient with IRC.

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 14:23, <> escribió:
One of the problems it has is that it doesn't have a centralized chat for all OCA, just one chat per repo, who is not what is intended.


2015-10-16 21:08 GMT+02:00 David Arnold <>:

As a recomendation of Alexandre, I want to open discussion on modernizing the chat stack.

IRC is not user friedly to the modern user! (If you want challange this claim, please advise so explicitly for an efficient discussion)

So enters It is very easy to have all kind of meta discussion about issues, PR, etc in an efficient and tightly integrated way.

It's simply better in every aspect, I can imagine. It has the "wow effect".

So without being overwhelmingly euphoric, I want to request/suggest to give an official try by OCA. If it sucks, IRC doesn't disappear. If it rules, never will we talk about IRC again.

Would that be feasible? For example as a test on the maintainer-tools repo? Some assigned maintainer would be willing to set up and open a way for testing (with a very big TESTING warning)? If you consider doing this, just click here ( and complete the process. I'm eager to join such channel to get better instant feedback.

Best David

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