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contributing to accounting and analytics

XCG Consulting, Florent Aide
- 19/10/2015 16:42:36

Hi community,

We came to Pau to participate to the Odoo Community Association sprint and would like to work on proposing pull requests to accounting and analytics.

In doing so we will propose modules in server tools :

  • base_model_metaclass_mixin

  • analytic_structure

  • auth_saml

Those modules enable other business logic applications to use matrix analytics :

  • sale_streamline

  • account_streamline

Account streamline introduces many accounting healthchecks (many of them may already exist in OCA/OCB), it also introduces full multi currency accounting.

If we have time we would also like to propose our Fixed asset management module extension (not yet odoo8 ready) :

  • account_asset_streamline

Those modules date back from the OpenERP 6 days and have been ported to OpenERP 7 and then again to Odoo 8.

We have always taken great care to NOT break any behaviour or functionality in vanilla Odoo.

Here is the first pull request we proposed this afternoon: <>.


  Florent AIDE
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