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Re: goes IRC, enters

- 17/10/2015 17:37:57
As I just read here,, this is not a question of the OCA, but the PSC. Great thing: federalisation!
So this is a mere input of thought, nothing that is in the competence of the OCA or it's members to decide on globally. :D

El sáb., 17 oct. 2015 a las 10:09, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
All very good points, and we should probably open up the discussion to "chat vs. no chat" (means closing down IRC as well). Hangout or other individual forms of organization are indeed an alternative, though less tightly integrated, but prevent probably the aforementioned risks (by rafael and nhomar).

However, the OP's proposal was "replace IRC by" ... Remember that the decision to open up IRC channel is not part of this proposal.

I tend to agree with Rafael, to postpone this question, as probably it is not urgent right now. But meanwhile I ask you to keep an eye on this, especially from the onbarding aspect, as well. You an easily see, I'm very much defending this underrepresented perspective in the OCA... :)

Best, David

El sáb., 17 oct. 2015 a las 7:23, Houssine BAKKALI (<>) escribió:
I totaly agree with Nomar...

I can't remember the number of time I've made a search on my mail client to find back a old conversation about a problem technical or functional that I was facing. Using chat and this will be impossible.. In top of that you'll loose the capabilities to follow the conversation by all the community...

2015-10-17 5:07 GMT+02:00 Nhomar Hernandez <>:
On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 2:08 PM, David Arnold <> wrote:
As a recomendation of Alexandre, I want to open discussion on modernizing the chat stack.
:-1: again.

Sorry but if you need chat with me you can copy my account and chat me in the mean of hangout, skype or something.

If you want to communicate about shared developments I will ask you email/message in github.

Why the chat?

Free Support?

If that is the intention, again, you can open a chat with the person you want to talk to, and if he/she is open to help you "fine" BUT everybody loss the history, there is no record treacable in any chat systm that can be indexed to be used as a documentation or review the process.

IMHO Mailing list which product estructured content is the way.


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