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Re: OCA Coding Standards and recommended IDEs

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 16/10/2015 23:12:35

On Friday, 16 October 2015, David Arnold <> wrote:
>The only way to think to benefit to everybody, is think pythonistic. "Program Once and very good ;-)"

I disagree on this point and support Oleg's point. To understand his concerns you need to adopt a more holistic perspective. It's not a question about yet another python package.

I understand that many of you have objections about standard tooling, because you already use something. But this does not help anyone. You need to understand that such recommendation is not for you, the experienced programmer. The tremendous value lies in a more dynamic ecosystem. It's not about you, who is acquainted with OCA, it is about you, the one, who just heard about odoo two days ago. Outside-In perspective, not Inside-Out. More Contributors. Easyer onboarding. Better productivity. More dynamic. Who can seriously tell me that those are not VERY valuable goals, that can be easily achieved by this move?? Or did I miss something?

Yes you miss something.

Objective: make a great Odoo ecosystem.

Actual Materials: team of specialists working so hard to make such ecosystem technically viable.

Reality: we are not as much as we need.

Then, your holistic point is good, your intention is good, but basically we are not Microsoft or Apple which will mantain a set of "wao tools" for the masses.

We are more like the Linux kernel "little tools that do things great".

If somebody think they can afford such deal "great!" But I personally prefer a very well tested Python package agnostic to any brand/ide which can be improved by 100% of our ecosystem, than a half finished set of plugins which will be maintained by the partial community which use one or other privative tool (remember even if I love pycharm and accept sublime are good the actual versions are not 100% open source and that's fine for me but it is a fact you need to consider).

Then if somebody like it and want to contribute correctly, again, program under Python standards use standards tools and then use the development for the plugin they want I named at least 10 options.


A "recommendation" or just a "hint" neither is binding. OCA is a soft authority. Everyone's free - you have been warned! :)

Best Regards, David

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 14:53, Nhomar Hernandez (<>) escribió:
Hello Oleg.

Actually we have a huge job already done around a python package which include a huge set of tools IDE's agnostic, which you can include in your decided IDE as a normal python tool (like Flake8 or Pylint config files).

Recommend a tool is not correct, due to this is so so subjective and it do not add any value by itself whta really add value is the fact that you can improve such mqt project proposeing solutions with issues found in such IDES (but those solutions should be proposed without brake any actual feature with another tool).

The best technical way is think as "a python package" and not as a "plugin for X IDE", then if you want develop a plugin for the tool you use which use the features on mqt, then cool! we can considere have such project, BUT taking care that the python package is aways who makes the job.

In our team we have people that use several different IDE, by myself I use VIM and pycharm and tried sublime but we have a lot of others, ninja-ide is other very good one, gedit, etc, etc, etc....

The only way to think to benefit to everybody, is think pythonistic. "Program Once and very good ;-)"


On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 5:37 AM, Oleg Kuryan <> wrote:
Dear Contributors,

I would like to bring up discussion about coding standards and also recommended for developers IDEs. 
1. Regarding coding standards that is already well described here 
2. Additionally I would like to suggest to OCA to standardized development environment. Of course, not to force everybody to work in some particular IDEs, but define list of supporting one. So my recommendations for IDEs based on experience in my company are:
- PyCharm
- Sublime Text

Note that point 2 also requires development of standard helper configuration for IDE/Editors validator. And most likely snippets. 
Fr example, for Sublime there is plugin that adds pep8 validator. And also for snippets there is 

How about creating OCA forks that will help developers to quickly install necessary addons to one of supported editors and start writing code according to standards? Are there already plans on doing this or some work in progress?

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