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Re: OCA Coding Standards and recommended IDEs

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 16/10/2015 18:19:06
I also agree that there shouldn't be any recommended tool in OCA, but only a host for facilities, plugins and so on for all the possible tools that community can contribute. That host can be another GitHub repo called ide-tools. If you agree, please make the proposal to This way, people can choose their favourite IDE, and then see if other people has develop some commodities for it.

About running quality tools locally, there's already some work I made for integrating this on the git flow as a pre-condition for allowing to make commits (this is called pre-commit on git nomenclature). You can see it here: This is the logical and more uniform way, because independent from the chosen IDE, you must pass through git for working with OCA. This tool can be also be run in command line invoking pre-commit script. There's a pending PR from Moisés that updates this script to be up to date with latest changes in MQT:, but it needs to be fixed.


2015-10-16 16:08 GMT+02:00 Daniel Reis <>:
> I think we are actually saying the same thing: what Travis does, is a
> somewhat custom setup of flake8 + pylint.
> What we need is a simple standalone wrapper, independent of everything
> (especially Travis) that does just the same check that Travis does
> now.
> Then:
> - travis just runs the script
> - people can run the script locally from the command line
> - optional: people can configure their editor of choice to run it
> inside the editor. This is something I am actually confortable giving
> specific advice about (example "if you use vim you can configure
> syntastic to run the checker XXX on python files")
> Of course I agree with Oleg: we want to easily run the same checks
> that Travis runs locally.

Agreed, contributions welcome:

Additionally, I suggest:
-The file is missing from most repos, we should fix that
- The document it points at, OCA/maintainer-tools/", 
should be a "getting started" text instead of the actual coding standards.


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