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Re: Recommended Contributor Tooling (RCT)

- 16/10/2015 17:58:49
Let's turn to for the tooling discussion, anyone who can moderate or better elaborate the facts, pros and cons, than I'm probably capable of: please be welcome!

Inputs from akretion and vauxoo are very promising, we need to decide on the right dosis of tooling for this specific purpose, and assure plattfrom independence.

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 11:52, David Arnold (<>) escribió:

El vie., 16 oct. 2015 a las 11:23, Daniel Reis (<>) escribió:

I just took a closer look at it.
Words like "Recommended Editor" are notorious for triggering epic flame wars, such as emacs vs vim ;-)

Às 16:53 de 16/10/2015, David Arnold escreveu:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Based off on and Daniel's suggestion, I made a recompilation here of recommended contributor tooling:

It's WIP, but with your feedback, I'm commited to make it 1.0 at the indicated detail level in no time. I hope it might also trigger or revive connected discussions, such as repo layout. ( - For my taste, I invite you to discuss directly on the github issue to not bother the less involved.

I'll reference also a second mail to follow, with a proposal for modernizing informal communication with the help of

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