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Re: OCA Coding Standards and recommended IDEs

Leonardo Pistone
- 16/10/2015 13:16:46
On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 12:37 PM, Oleg Kuryan <> wrote:

> 2. Additionally I would like to suggest to OCA to standardized development
> environment. Of course, not to force everybody to work in some particular
> IDEs, but define list of supporting one. So my recommendations for IDEs
> based on experience in my company are:

I disagree: I don't think we should support / encourage specific IDEs
or other tools. These are very personal choices.

With python and other interpreted languages like ruby and javascript,
many people are successful with just a text editor like vim or emacs
or sublime or geany or whatever. Others like IDEs, of which there are
a few. (Pycharm and Eclipse + pydev come to mind).

This is different from languages like Java or C# where a good IDE can help.

My personal advice to newcomers is: keep using what you know, if it
has some basic python support (vim, emacs, eclipse and pretty much
anything does). A few months later, you can try out other tools.

As for tools, I agree that we'd need a simple command line wrapper
that lints according to the OCA conventions. Then anyone will be able
to tell their editor of choice to use it instead of i.e. "flake8".