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OCA Coding Standards and recommended IDEs

Xpansa Group, Oleg Kuryan
- 16/10/2015 10:34:00
Dear Contributors,

I would like to bring up discussion about coding standards and also recommended for developers IDEs. 
1. Regarding coding standards that is already well described here 
2. Additionally I would like to suggest to OCA to standardized development environment. Of course, not to force everybody to work in some particular IDEs, but define list of supporting one. So my recommendations for IDEs based on experience in my company are:
- PyCharm
- Sublime Text

Note that point 2 also requires development of standard helper configuration for IDE/Editors validator. And most likely snippets. 
Fr example, for Sublime there is plugin that adds pep8 validator. And also for snippets there is 

How about creating OCA forks that will help developers to quickly install necessary addons to one of supported editors and start writing code according to standards? Are there already plans on doing this or some work in progress?


Best Regards,
Oleg Kuryan

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